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“We re CREW not passengers” is the motto that drives ELMS towards student achievement in the three dimensions of learning: character, mastery of knowledge and skill, and high quality work. With going hybrid our Adventures Team has brought crew to the homes of our students. While still meeting virtual with their school crews our Adventure Wednesdays curriculum is designed to bring CREW to their homes through their Adventure Journal, Adventures in our Backyard (field work around the city), Adventures with your Family (team building exercises), and Fitness Adventures (providing challenging experiences physically as well as mindfulness exercises). All of these experiences are provided through materials handed out during our monthly first Fridays Drive-Thru-For- Success! Mystery bags with materials and activities are given to students to open together during our Wednesday curriculum to continue our adventure learning experience that aligns with ELMS monthly Design Principles:
September: The Primacy of Self Discovery
October: The Having Of Wonderful Ideas
November: The Responsibility for Learning
December: Empathy and Caring
January: Success and Failure
February: Collaboration and Competition
March: Diversity and Inclusion
April: Service and Compassion
May: Love of the Natural World
June: Solitude and Reflection
8th Grade Celebration: During our Adventure Wednesdays student will collect artifacts and earn badges that will display on 5 gallon buckets that are decor

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