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As our community protects our students and teachers from COVID-19, now more than ever, teachers and parents need our help to provide the equipment and supplies needed for the coming school year. They need to be able to successful teach children remotely, in hybrid-models (at school and at home), and in the classrooms. This year the Foundation used funds donated by sponsors and contributors to support TV Classroom, a locally televised school program for city students with classroom instruction on WCNY-TV. We anticipate supporting more of these types of programs, in addition to instructional programs that can be provided at home and at schools. In advance of your consideration of this request…we THANK YOU!

If you choose to make a donation using PayPal, please indicate in the PayPal Notes section if you want your donation to be a tribute gift or in memory of a specific person, or if you prefer you donation to be applied to a specific purpose and please provide your mailing address for proper acknowledgement of your donation. You are also welcome to download this acknowledgement form and email or mail it to the address below.

PLEASE NOTE:  PayPal charges the Foundation a non-profit processing fee for each transaction. This fee of 2.2%+.30 is deducted from your donation during processing. Often donors will adjust their contribution to cover the administration fee for which we are very grateful.

Thank you!


If you would like to make a donation by mailing the Foundation a check or money order, please download and complete this authorization form and send it with your payment to:

SCSD Educational Foundation
and mail to:
SCSD Educational Foundation
Attn: Foundation Administrator
PO Box 9827
Syracuse, NY  13290



What your donation means

What do a ceramics studio, a sound field system, an African drum demonstration, and a poetry competition have in common?

They’re all extracurricular educational opportunities made possible by the Syracuse City School District Educational Foundation. Every school district has limited funds available to cover its core curriculum. And every district – in fact nearly every teacher and administrator – has a wish list of programs that compliments these classroom activities.

The mission of the Syracuse City School District Educational Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) community foundation, is to strengthen our school district by expanding academic and cultural opportunities for students. Since its inception in the 2003/04 school year the Foundation has funded a total of 400 supplemental education grants and provided more than $900,000 for students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

We ask you to consider becoming directly involved in the economic future of our community by supporting the quality of life and education of the 20,000 school children that live and learn in the 35 Syracuse City schools.


Our Partnership with United Way

Employees of the Syracuse School District will find the Foundation on their annual pledge drive form. Non-employees of the Syracuse City School District can make a United Way designated contribution to the SCSD Educational Foundation.

Simply write in the name of the Foundation on your contribution pledge sheet during the drive.

NOTE: You don’t have to wait for the annual United Way pledge drive to make a contribution to the Foundation. Call the United Way (315) 428-2211 or click the link below to their website. You can request a pledge form and/or make a confidential donation by writing in SCSD Educational Foundation as the designated agency for your donation.

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