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Welcome SCSD Alumni

The SCSD Educational Foundation welcomes all alumni from Syracuse City High Schools past and present to take an active role in supporting their alma maters.

In the past few years, the Foundation has been focusing on recognizing accomplished and distinguished alumni at our Annual Recognition Breakfast, and we plan to continue to reach out to Syracuse graduates for future programs.

In the next few months we will be setting up an Alumni connection site on this website allowing alumni to learn about what is happening in Syracuse City Schools, communicate with other classmates, connect with high school alumni associations, and contribute to Foundation programs, grant projects, and activities.

In the meantime, we ask you to consider becoming directly involved in the economic future of our community by supporting the quality of life and education of the 20,000 school children in Syracuse City schools.

What can you do?
  1. 01.
    Join the SCSD Educational Foundation Mailing List!
  2. 02.
    Join your high school’s alumni association.
  3. 03.
    If you live in the Syracuse area, volunteer your time at any one of the many different schools in the District.
  4. 04.
    Support the projects of the Syracuse City School District Educational Foundation by making a donation, attending our events, or volunteering you time on one of our committees.
  5. 05.
    Be a mentor for a student in the District.

If you would like any information on these or other ways that you can be involved in the lives and education of student in Syracuse City Schools, please call Dr. Tanya Eastman, Interim Foundation Administrator, at 315.418.0450, or email her at or join our mailing list.

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