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Race to 36K FundRacer

Like many organizations, the pandemic has created the need to shift our traditional fundraising methods. The need in our District continues to exist – there are SCSD staff with innovative projects and no funding. This virtual FundRacer will help fund those projects!

To honor the 36 schools and programs in the Syracuse City School District we set our goal to raise 36k. This event will also kick-off the 1st Annual Alumni Challenge to support the SCSD Educational Foundation Grant Program. Plus, who doesn’t love a little competition?!

What is the Race to 36K?

  • The Race to 36K is intended to support the SCSD Educational Foundation Grant Program at the heart of the Educational Foundation’s mission.
  • It is a method to support the connection between the SCSD, alumni, and our community.
  • In addition to raising funds, we want to raise awareness for the Foundation, the SCSD, and the educational opportunities being supported

Who can participate?

  • Anyone can join our race and support the SCSD Educational Foundation Grant Program
  • We want Alumni to know and be connected to their alma mater, as we kick-off a District wide Alumni Engagement Program
  • So many community members have been touched by the SCSD…all community members are welcome!

How do I participate?

  • You can participate by making a general contribution to the Race to 36K below OR Text raceto36K to 243725!


  • If you would like your contribution included in the Alumni Challenge – specify the SCSD School on the Notes line when making your contribution!
  • You can follow and share content from the SCSD Educational Foundation on social media!
  • You can join our mailing list (share your email at the bottom of this page)!

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