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Dr. Weeks Community Support Closet will create jobs for students and support for families. Educational grant funds will be used to purchase school supplies, clothing, hygiene, and support items for students. Students will learn life and work skills they can use toward future careers. They will also have the pride of knowing they are supporting their community and families at Dr. Weeks. Our ultimate goal is to provide weekly food and clothing support to our families. Students who have support outside of school for basic needs are less likely to be bullied have better attendance and academic achievement. According to, integrated student support as a student centered approach is firmly grounded in research on the varied factors that promote educational success for students.  30 student jobs will have a much broader impact on the school community and their families. On average we support 3-4 families a week with clothes, in addition to hygiene supplies such as soap, toothbrushes and household supplies. We have many families that are relying on food from the district and pantries. The Food Bank Mobile Pantry that visited Dr. Weeks twice a month last year served 1331 households and 2441 children with boxes of food September-June. Being able to send additional food support weekly will help our families that are unstable and ensure children are ready to learn when they arrive at school. The impact of this project will reach far beyond the 30 students involved in the project. this project will have a positive impact on the Dr. Weeks School and Community.


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