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The Syracuse City School District Educational Foundation recently announced the retirement of longtime Foundation Administrator and Manager Jan Quitzau, effective December 31, 2021.  Jan served in the part-time administrator position since 2004 and he continues to serve as Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Bousquet Holstein law firm. The Educational Foundation was started in 2003, and Jan has been an invaluable asset almost from the very beginning.

Jan’s commitment to the mission of the Foundation has been a driving force in its long-term success, and while much of his work is behind the scenes it is evident in every event produced and grant awarded.  During Jan’s tenure the Educational Foundation raised and awarded over $900,000 in grants to SCSD teachers and schools. The Foundation’s Board of Directors and Superintendent Alicea express their deep appreciation for Jan’s many years of dedication.

“It has been a privilege and honor to support the amazing teachers and students in Syracuse City Schools”, says Quitzau, “and I am grateful for the commitment and dedication of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and volunteers who have stepped up year after year to raise funds, volunteer at events, and support the important mission of the Foundation”.

A part-time Interim Administrator has been hired for 2022.  Dr. Tanya Eastman will manage the operational functions of the Foundation and will lead the Board in refreshing its strategic plan and organizational structure. Tanya can be reached at 315.418.0450 or teastman@scsdfoundation.org.

Board President Heidi Hart-Gorman says, “We are extremely grateful for Jan’s service and contribution to the mission of the Educational Foundation.  We are fortunate to have someone as skilled as Dr. Eastman to step in and help us navigate this important transition”.


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