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Culturally Responsive Virtual Field Trips - CORE - 2017
Many times educators long to give students real world experiences, taking them from their everyday environments and showing them all that the world has to offer. As teachers working with children in the inner city schools, most often it is essential to engage students outside of their regular norm and allow them to venture off into their own place of solitude. We are proposing to take our students on life altering field trips (virtual field trips), where students will have to research, discuss and analyze different places all over the world. Ultimately, students will have an opportunity to become culturally responsive to other cultures across the globe and be sympathetic to people, especially their own peers.
Young Inventors: Creating Tomorrow's Future Today - McKinley-Brighton Elementary - 2017
The focus of our project is to develop a core of students that are able to think outside the box and can handle failure as part of the creative process. Students will work in teams and individually, developing social and critical thinking skills, to research inventors and then put their own skills to the test by creating, building, innovating, tinkering and failing while using the LittleBits STEM kits. This project will allow students of all abilities to participate in the creative learning process.
Wind Tunnel - Nottingham High School - 2017
This proposal is for the need for a wind tunnel that can be used in testing wind mill designs in my Environmental Science classes or any CTE classes that deal with renewable energy, and also for Kid Wind Challenge tests for NSBE. We have developed and designed wind mills in the past and had to use conventional fans in testing the designs. This wind tunnel will allow students to get a true voltage reading of a wind turbine's output that a fan would not allow.
Enriching Storytelling through Outdoor Education Experiences - 2017 - Franklin Elementary School
" This proposal is to provide students in Kindergarten and First Grade the opportunity to experience the life in the day of a camper. This experience will provide hands on experiences helping children build new rich vocabulary and memorable experiences that will enrich their storytelling skills. Their day as a camper will provide them a bank of ""tiny moments"" to use to write about and demonstrate the skills they have attained as narrative writers. This project connects to Common Core Standards as well as building and district initiatives. The activities related to this project will provide students memorable experiences that they will be excited to talk, draw and write about. This will allow them to demonstrate progress towards the following Common Core Standards: SL.K.6, SL.1.6, W.K.3, W.1.3, W.1.5. Additionally, the philosophy of the programming at Talooli fosters the development of leadership skills and and emphasizes community building. Finally, the outdoor activities at camp are connected to the classroom and merge academic and recreational experiences.
Anti-Violence Song Writing and Performing with Virtual Instruments - 2017 - McKinley Brighton Elementary
This project will combine writing poetry about Non-Violence, peaceful Community, and Anti-Bullying (lyrics) and setting it to music composed by our students in GarageBand app on iPads, and will allow them to share it with their families, community, and other schools in a form of a culminating performance at our school, and students' produced music and /or video files.
Having Fun with Science - 2017 - Dr. King Elementary School
We are looking to bring excitement to Science by allowing our students to conduct simple hands on science experiments throughout the school year. Students will look at the material, make predictions, conduct the experiment, determine if they predictions were correct and create a conclusion. In addition students will share what they liked about the experiment and what they learned from the experiment. A slide show will be created including the different science experiments that have been conducted throughout the school year.
Orange and Blue Ambassadors- Language Exchange - 2017 - Nottingham High School
"World Language ""Intercambios"" - Language Exchanges through Adventure. Students taking languages at Nottingham High School will pair up with native French and Spanish speakers from Nottingham's ENL Program. They will be paired for half a school year with students learning Spanish and French in adventurous activities which will allow for easy facilitated language practice."
Building Strong Classrooms with Assistance - 2017 - Dr. King Elementary
Three different self contained classes will work with staff from Team Adventure to help students develop stronger communication skills, community building and conflict resolution skills. Through a series of training at Dr. King and at the Team Adventure course students will learn strategies that will help decrease the conflicts in the classroom and at school and work to help them increase stronger teambuilding strategies that will lead to more time on task and better academic achievement.
Music Technology in the Music Classroom-Part 1.5 - 2016 - Dr. King Elementary School

This project will involve students using iPads for various activities. The 4th and 5th graders will use the GarageBand app to compose their own music instrumentals and also record their vocals to the instrumentals. They will also take their recordings and burn them to a CD with the CD burner purchased with Foundation grant funds in 2014. All grade levels will use various music apps from the app store to enhance their learning and understanding of basic music concepts. Students will also use the iPads to record school concerts from different angles and views and will edit the videos to make a school concert video. One future project will include making music videos to post on YouTube, Facebook or other social media. This project will allow the teacher to supplement the music education class with alternative methods of study that will help enhance student understanding of music theory through the following: Rhythmic Notation – learning rhythmic values of notes/rests; Music Notation- learning how to read music in various clefs; music production and improvisation (advanced); creating music, songs, sounds, chords, and melodies and much more. Students will learn to use iMovie to combine music and video into one production and some apps will track students’ progress for mastery of some musical concepts.

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Rocket STEM Cross-Curricular -2016 - Frazer K-8 School
The 6th grade team at Frazer will conduct a STEAM-SE (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics –Social Studies & English Language Arts) project on the theme of Rocketry. This cross curricular project will engage students in multiple disciplines while allowing them to see the interconnection between them. The project will work across content areas to provide students with multiple activities on the theme of Rocketry that align with and support the State and Common Core standards from each of the perspective disciplines.
Video Production -2016 - EPIC Sidney Johnson Center
EPIC is a new program that stands for- Engaging People through Innovation and Creativity. We would like to integrate learning through different mediums. We will start by not only building a stage for our video room, but building the video room itself. Here at the Johnson Center we have access to space and materials that will connect several domains of learning. We will create videos of our journey throughout the school year. We also plan to integrate service learning. Service learning is a teaching strategy that integrates service in the community with classroom curriculum. This helps students see communities as places of learning. Reflection is an important part of the service experience. Using videos as reflection pieces will be an important tool. EPIC students will use videos to show their communities and peers the math, science, English and social studies projects that they were involved with throughout the year. These videos will document our growth and allow us to continue building in the future.
Live @ Lincoln -2016 - Lincoln Middle School
Live at Lincoln Middle School will create a TV studio within the school that will allow students to create announcements, promotional materials for upcoming events and PSA’s that will be posted to our building website. Students will be able to work through the entire creative process both in front of and behind the camera. From brainstorming and writing their stories, to filming and editing the videos, students will be in control of their own learning process as they build connections between what is happening in school and the community at large.
Social and Emotional Learning Through Fishing -2016 - PLSA / Fowler High School
Students attending the 12:1:1 program at Fowler/PSLA often have varying degrees of social and emotional deficits. Social-emotional learning is a large component of our program. As a result, part of the mission at Fowler/PSLA requires that development of creative high interest programming that facilitates personal skill development to address social emotional needs. The sport of fishing teaches many wonderful life skills including patience and perseverance. In addition to utilizing these skills, students will plan and prepare the necessary equipment for a successful fishing trip. By working within a group students can practice using their interpersonal skills learned at Fowler/PSLA.
Connecting Learning and the Process of Preparing Foods - 2016 - Dr. King Elementary School
This grant includes planning and creating a meal each week to correlate with the Scott Foresman stories that the students are required to read at the 5th grade level. The goal is to inspire and educate students about various foods, teach them how to prepare different types of meals and help them understand how the meals they are planning connect to the stories they will read about throughout the school year. After preparing and eating each meal students will be required to indicate what they have learned and enjoyed from the process and explain the communication between the meal they created and the story they read that particular week.
Danforth Eagles News Team - 2016 - Danforth Middle School
The class news team will produce morning announcements, PSAs, and multimedia content for their Library webpage. It will give students’ self-directed learning experiences with a range of MS Office and other collaborative tools. They can communicate their completed work to an authentic audience of parents, families and community members. This same team can then grow into a resource to assist all people in the Danforth community to be better at online production, distribution, and marketing. They can act as a consultant resource to other students and staff for many of the multimedia tools being used in both the educational and enterprise settings of today.
Interactive Timeline - 2016 - MSAP @ Shea
This project allows students in an alternative education program to use the computers purchased in this grant to participate in a modified flipped classroom to create an online/interactive timeline. Students will use the computers to access a class blog that will contain brief video lessons and instructions. The rest of the class time will be used to for students to complete research and/or work on timeline presentations to put on their class blog.
STEM Club and Curriculum Enrichment - 2016 - Grant Middle School
Creation of a STEM lab including robotics instructional materials, building plans, and equipment, as well as a chemistry lab. Modeled on the same type of project successfully implemented last year at Frazer.
Beyond Anti-Bullying -2016 - JT Roberts School
This is a project that replicates a successful grant the Foundation funded last year at Ed Smith School but has been modified for a different age/grade. During an 8 week period students will learn real-life stories about bullying and how to stop it. Anti-bullying books, websites, webisodes and activities will be included in this project. Students will work on developing their own PSAs about bullying, using iMovie on iPads to script, develop and complete a school-wide news broadcast to discourage and stop bullying.

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